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Whether they are at an early stage or more developed, we would be happy to listen to your activity proposal.
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We will analyse your proposal and get back to you within five working days.

Who can become a partner?

Any organisation that has a link to European SMEs or standardisation can propose an activity that would become part of the overall campaign. Such activities can include workshops, seminars, open door days, competitions but also podcasts and social media activities (quote cards, etc.). There is no cost involved in listing your activity. 

Is my activity proposal eligible?

If you plan to become a partner of our campaign, please make sure your activity proposal meets a minimum of requirements set by the organiser.

Accepted proposals will…

  • Target European Small and Medium-sized enterprises on the standardisation topic;
  • Run during the campaign’s set period;
  • Use the campaign’s graphic identity on the main communication tools (invitation, webpage, etc.), including the funding by the European Union and EFTA;
  • Not request participation fees;
  • Define the aim of the activity, and a minimum of expected achievement (number of participants, likes, etc.);
  • Report back a minimum of data, such as figures regarding participation, engagement figures on social media, etc.).

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    Campaign kit

    Graphic guidelines are available for partners events to maintain a consistent visual identity that will assist in communicating our goals in the campaign throughout Europe.